Monday, April 13, 2009

Resin Collective Coverage at ToyCyte

Jeremy finally got his photo coverage of the Resin Collective show up at ToyCyte. Kudos to everyone involved. It looks like an awesome show.
I'm very thankful to Jason for the opportunity to be in the show and to Jeremy for covering it.

Using Jeremy's photo of my stuff I'll give you the rundown.
Left to right:
Clear Glitter Reading Monster with blue GID chips inside and blue/purple spray.
Clear Red GID Reading Monster with motion-activated LED inside and silver/lime green spray.
Pearl Pink Bullhorn prototype. This will be the next figure I release (hopefully in time for the uhoh Toys anniversary).
Clear GID Reading Monster with metallic pink/blue paint.
All figures are one-offs I did for the show.


Jeremy said...

FINALLY??? Nice to see your new sculpt, ya sarcastic bastard...

a said...

I'm glad somebody noticed the italics.